How to Order

So it seems that you are interested in making an ORDER at our Web Store.
Here are some step by step or some explanation on all the details that you see on our Web Store.

1. Firstly select the either USD or MYR CURRENCY base on your liking then SELECT the item that you would like to PURCHASE/PRE-ORDER.The item status would show on top of the "ADD TO CART" button and it could be "IN-STOCK" , which is currently in our store, "PRE-ORDER" , item has not arrive and can be pre-ordered, "PRE-ORDER SOLD OUT" and "SOLD OUT" , item has already sold out with no news of restocking. Please take note that if an order is made and its sold out, there would be a 1% surcharge for refunds.

2. Click on the ITEM and select ADD TO CART. There is a PINK SALE STRAP on the top right of the picture which means its on SALES.
    Price in Reward Points means this figure requires "X" amount of Reward Points to be purchased outright. REWARD POINTS states that buying this item would reward you with that much points
    Selecting the drop down from the options gives the DEPOSIT TYPE, if it's a PRE-ORDER/PRE-PAY it will have this function, select the necessary and  click ADD TO CART. 

3. For PRE-ORDER option , buyers only pay DEPOSIT amount stated on the description or the specification tab (Malaysian Buyers Only). For other international buyers, full payment is required.  

3.  Once in the SHOPPING CART , you can change variable options like QUANTITY and the BUTTON selection. If you could use REWARD POINTS to get some discount form the total purchase. You can then CHECKOUT after you have made the necessary adjustments.

4. Once CHECKOUT you will be brought to a new window, please REGISTER if you are shopping for the FIRST TIME or LOGIN if you have already registered. 

5. We do OFFER SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. The STORE PICKUP is only available in MALAYSIA at the moment. If there is any special request, do comment in the COMMENT BOX.

6. We accept all major CREDIT CARD (PAYPAL) and BANK TRANSFER (Malaysia Only). We also do have OUTLET PAYMENT which is also only for Malaysia only. If there is any comments on your payment, please leave a comment on the COMMENT BOX.

7. Once you have completed the PAYMENT, do wait for our email to CONFIRM and UPDATE your ORDER.

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