Here are more details on How to Make a Pre-Order on our website

1. Firstly, look for the status "Pre-Order" , it should be either deisplay on the title.

2. Please take note of the DEPOSIT AMOUNTETA and other Pre-Order details under the description page or the specification page.

3. Please select DEPOSIT TYPE , which will display PRE-ORDER or PRE-PAY
PRE-ORDER - Minimum Deposit is Required
PRE-PAY - Full Payment is Required
For Malaysia Only, deposit amount is stated on the DESCRIPTION/SPECIFICATION page
For Other Countries, full payment is required for all Pre-Order(s)
PayPal Processing Fees, fees that are inccured when PayPal is used. These fees are non-refundable in any case

4. Deposit(s)and Full Payment Pre-Orders are NON-REFUNDABLE or NON-TRANSFERABLE 
However, deposits are refundable if item Pre-Ordered is cancelled or won’t be arriving due to certain circumstances (See no.5)
Deposits place for a SPECIFIC item cannot be transferred to another item unless the item is cancelled or won’t be arriving due to certain circumstances

5. ETA of a Pre-Order item is not accurate, there could be delays in Supplying and Receiving. Please contact us for further details or get updated on our Facebook or our New Arrival page.

6. To ship your Pre-Order item individually as they arrive, kindly make separate order for each of them. This would help us calculate the shipping cost better. All Pre-Order(s) that is made into one order will be shipped once all the Pre-Order(s) have arrived. Having to ship one Pre-Order earlier in a bulk Pre-order would result in higher shipping charges. Please contact us for more details. 

7. Once we received your payment, we would send an email and change the status of your order to Pre-Order DP or Pre-Order FP
Pre-Order DP - Pre-Order Deposit, a deposit has been place for this Pre-Order
Pre-Order FP - Pre-Order Full Payment, a Full Payment has been place for this Pre-Order

8. Once item arrival, you are expected to collect the productions and pay any balance remaining within 2 weeks upon notification collection by us. If we do not hear from you, we will send you a final reminder via email with final dateline stated. Non collection of products after 1 month will be deemed as a product cancellation and deposit forfeited.

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