Reward Points (RP)


Whenever you buy something from ReMagine Toys, be sure to register an account with us so that you will earn REWARD POINTS (RP). The registration is FREE and can be done via the website. 

How To Earn RP
For every RM1 spent on our Online of Offline Store, you will get 1RP. Elite Members earn more RP on different brands of item. 

How To Use RP
For every 100RP, the value of conversion is RM1. There would be a pro-rate if the item is on Promotion, Special, Pre-Order or even Pre-Pay. The conversion rate is always base on the retail price value.

Lifespan of RP
RP that you earn doesnt expire. They last a LIFETIME. So you can take your time and slowly use them.

Where Can I See My Current RP
You can view them via the website, login into your account and your current RP should appear. 

Keeping Your RP
Its worth to keep your RP and NOT spending them. We do have Double or more RP Conversion on random days. Do keep close updates on our Facebook Page (ReMagine Toys). Holding onto a large amount of RP also opens a discount tier for certain products, do watch out!

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