[SOLD OUT] Queen Studios - Avengers: Infinity War - Mark 50 Iron Man Life Size Bust

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Queen Studios - Avengers: Infinity War - Mark 50 Iron Man Life Size Bust


From the sentence of Iron Man 1 of 2008: I'm Iron Man, to the last sentence of "The Avengers 4" in 2019: I'm Iron Man perfectly ended the hero of Little Downey in the Marvel series Destiny, but also a perfect interpretation of the heroic charm of Iron Man.
The movie will end, but this does not mean the end of Iron Man, Queen Studios will reshape the classic, MK50 is just the beginning.
Queen Studios is proud to announce the third collection of the Avengers series, the Iron Man MK50 Life Size Bust Collection, which will be available soon. The product was officially licensed by Marvel and designed by Marvel contract artist Oliver Liu. The product is about 80 cm high and has been carefully polished and drawn by hand.
Brand Name: Queen Studios / Marvel
Product Name: Avengers 3-MK50 Life Size Bust
Product version: Standard Edition 
Product material: Baoli stone
Delivery time: Fourth quarter of 2019
Anti-counterfeiting authorization: founder Jason and artistic director Oliver Liu autographed certificate
Product size: length 66.5cm (including propeller) / 35cm (without propeller), 66cm wide, 80cm high
Product Manual:
1. The propeller is detachable. The connecting part between the body and the propeller is provided with a baffle. After the propeller is removed, the baffle is covered, which does not affect the overall appearance of the product.
2, the pictures are 3D renderings, physical renderings, we will announce in the near future, so stay tuned
(Note: 3D renderings and physical objects will be slightly different, the final result is subject to the real thing).
从2008《钢铁侠1》的那句:I'm Iron Man 开始,到2019年《复仇者联盟4》最后一句:I'm Iron Man完美的结束了小唐尼在漫威系列电影中的英雄 宿命,同时也完美诠释了钢铁侠的英雄魅力。
电影终将落幕,但这并不代表着Iron Man的结束,Queen Studios将重塑经典,MK50只是一个开始。
Queen Studios很荣幸地宣布复仇者联盟系列的第三款收藏,即Iron Man MK50 一比一等比例胸像收藏即将开售。 产品由Marvel正式授权,由Marvel 签约艺术家Oliver Liu倾力设计。 产品高度约为80厘米,经过纯手工的精心打磨和绘制而成。
品牌名称:Queen Studios / Marvel
产品名称:复仇者联盟3-MK50 Life Size Bust
发货时间: 2019年第四季度
防伪授权:创始人Jason和艺术总监Oliver Liu亲笔签名证书
产品尺寸:长66.5cm(含推进器)/ 35cm(不含推进器), 宽66cm, 高80cm(手工测量存在些许误差)
1、推进器 可拆卸,身体与推进器连接部分设有遮挡板,拆除推进器后,盖上遮挡板,不影响产品整体外观效果。
2、图片均为3D 渲染图,实物效果图,我们将于近期公布,敬请关注

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